Security Industry Developing in All Areas

Four major fields of security industry including video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, intelligent transportation, and access control intercom. Hd video monitoring development is still the key. Compared with the traditional security monitoring camera, IP hd high-speed ball image resolution has improved significantly, and can show more abundant details. Today, security monitoring is no one know no one knows all, life can be seen everywhere the form of security monitoring. A good quality clear security monitoring product can better ensure the safety [...]

School Safety and Walk Through Metal Detectors

Having more and more social unrest showing up in the daily news, it only makes sense for schools to do whatever they can to maintain a level of security that is acceptable to parents as well as students. Introduce; the standard walk through type metal detector. Schools have to have some type of security staff in most cities, so they may as well find a way to allot within their budget the cost a getting a metal detector. This is the [...]

Our turnstile installed for Shanghai World Expo

March 2010, the leaders of World Expo China Pavilion and Fanhua Construction Group visited turnstile gates manufacturers to investigate turnstiles’ design, performance, maintenance and so on to make a comprehensive assessment,YEEFLY turnstile gates were selected from many domestic and foreign manufacturers to be China Pavilion gates supplier. Our engineers and workers contributed to the turnstile style selection, size, color, design, installation drawings,system integration,onsite installation untill they are operated smoothly. Our turnstile gates were used in the 12th layer of the China Pavilion [...]

Wireless Sensors Help Ye Ol’ Geezer Stay Cool

Wireless Sensors Help Ye Ol’ Geezer Stay Cool Temperature sensors mounted inside the store’s 13 coolers and freezers take readings every 10 minutes and transmit that data to a central gateway. If the temperatures within the units fall below a set threshold, the gateway triggers an alert, which is routed to Monnit’s cloud-based server via the butcher shop’s Wi-Fi network and then arrives on Evans’ and his mother’s cellphones as an SMS text alert. Evans was able to install the sensors [...]

RFID Makes Managing Hospital Porters More Efficient

RFID Makes Managing Hospital Porters More Efficient When Manipal Hospitals began planning a radio frequency identification installation to make its flagship hospital operate more efficiently, it had a unique approach for its multi-phased deployment. Instead of beginning with asset tracking, it aimed at a small, potentially highly beneficial solution: managing porters who transport patients, paperwork or supplies around its facility. With the real-time location system (RTLS) in place, says Nandkishor Dhomne, the Manipal hospital group’s CIO, the facility has reduced [...]


Tracking Hardware – The Perfect Match for Your Software Simple and effective asset tracking is an essential part of your operation. You can have all the latest and greatest software for asset tracking, but without the hardware components to go with it, that sophisticated software is essentially useless. Proper tracking hardware – from barcodes to mobile computers – will complement your software and make accurate asset tracking effortless. Laser Systems When you have equipment that will be used and abused in every [...]

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