1. How do the dispense card machine  in the process of use ?

(1), when issuing motor will turn a few times repeatedly to credit card

1. The CARDS are not packed: automatic sorting or artificial processing

2. The card to the bottom of friction wheel skid: cotton swab dipped in alcohol clean friction wheel

3. The card is too dirty, with goo: clean card, with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol clean friction wheel

4. The thickness of the card improper adjustment: to adjust the thickness of the card

(2), synchronous belt skid when motor rotation

This is mainly synchronous belt tensioning degree didn’t adjust good.To adjust the position of the tension wheel change synchronous belt tensioning degree.

(3), when issuing CARDS to the normal position, the motor will stop running.

It may be a synchronous belt too tight and cause the machine caused by overload.The solution is to adjust the degree of tension load to normal.


      2. How to set different cards of RF cabinet locks?


How to use the Configuration Card?

Touch the mother card once,you will hear “di”,and the light bright in blue.Touch the configuration card,and you hear “di”,and the light off. It means you set the lock mode successfully.
How to creat a Master Card ?

Touch the mother card twice, you will hear two “di”,and the light will flash in blue.Then you touch a blank card,you will hear one “di”,and the card will become a Master Card.
How to creat a guest card ?

When the lock is unlocked(if you set the guest card first time, you should touch the master card to unlock it ),you touch a blank card(I suggest you to format the card first),and you hear “di”and music,the lock is locked.And it create the guest card successfully.


PS:one lock only can match one guest card.If you want to creat a new guest card,you can touch the old one to unlock,after the light off,touch a new blank card (I suggest you to format the card first),and the new one will become a new guest card,and the old one will disable.
How to delete the Master Card?

Touch the mother card twice, you will hear two “di”,and the light will flash in blue.Then you touch the master card you want to delete. You will hear two “di”,and the card will delete.

Delete all the master card and guest card.:  Touch the mother card 3times,you will hear two “di”and one long “di—”,and all the master card and guest card will delete.


    3. How does the parking guidance system work?

Firstly, ultrasonic detector takes use of ultrasonic wave to detect the car space to see if it is occupied by vehicles and transfer relative command to LED Indicator which will turn from green to RED when occupied, or it will keep GREEN; meanwhile, the UD transmit its status message to Zone Control Unit immediately, and ZCU will collect and forward the information to Central Control Unit; CCU processes these data and sends the relevant command to ZCU and LED panel.


       4. How to install RFID parking management system for entrance and exit?


Ⅰ. Construction provision.

  • Check the environmentof project

(1). AC220V 2000W Temporary power supply. (around 100 meters)

(2). Water resource. (within 200 meter)

(3). Be well ventilated, No other interruption and objects on the project ground.

  • Staff and tools

(1). Project engineer 1 to take charge of staff manages, project progress, technical instructions.

(2). Professional workers3-4 members, take charge of the detailed working. (Depend on the project)

(3) Professional connection tool one set, including multi-meter, screws drivers, computers and so on. (According to the attached file.)


Ⅱ. Design and Location.

2.1. Design the diagram according to project.


The position of parking barrier and card-readers will directly influence the users. Once the placement is confirmed, to change is again will make big trouble for the construction. So it’s better to install the barrier and card reader devices, then try to simulate the users to see if the location is appropriate, then laying the pipe.

 2.2. Confirm location of devices.


(1).To confirm the width of roadway.

First confirm the width of roadway. Normally the width of roadway is 2.5m, 3.5m is better; as for the underground parking lots, try the best to place the card-readers on the horizontal side, or it’ll make trouble when reading cards. If there’s block above the barrier, it’s better to choose the folded pole for barrier, and folded pole point is the block’s height reduces 1.2m.


(2).Confirm the location of control box.

Before confirming the placement of control box, it’s better to plan the width of control box, safety island. The distance between control box and barrier is usually 2.5m, cause the control board, card readers and card issuer machine are all on the control box, to make sure the convenience for fetching and reading card when install the control box.


(3).Confirm the location of camera ( if didn’t choose comparison of pictures, just ignore this option)

The scope of camera’s view angle is aimed at vehicle’s number plate, so usually to choose auto aperture lens. The height for camera is about 2-2.5m, it’s on the back of barrier and usually higher then the barrier.


(4).Confirm the location of control booth.

Control booth is between the control box and control barrier. If there’re no temporary cars, there’s no need to set the control booth. For the temporary cars to park, the control booth usually installs near the exit, which is convenient to charge by computers.

There’re computer and other devices on control booth, also it’s the working place for the staff on-duty, the dimensions of control booth is better no less than 4㎡


.  Distance between devices. 


The distance between devices is very important for the project, if devices are too near, there will be interruption. If too far from devices, it will waste pipes and cables.

  1. Distance between card-readers(central interval) and parking barrier >2.5M;

b.Distance between management computer (located in the control booth) and card readers<100M;

  1. Height of camera installation:2—2.5M;
  2. Dimension of loops:2M(Length)X0.8M(Width);
  3. Dimension of management control booth:4㎡(2M*2M);
  4. Roadway width:>3M


Ⅳ. Making loops

(1).Cable for loop

It’s better to adopt Multi-strand copper core for feeling coil, the cable’s diameter is no less then 0.5 square millimeter, and make sure there’s no joint on the cable. If there’s connection terminal, try to connect them with brand iron, and put them on the water-proof place.


(2).Shape of loop

Unless it’s not allowed, the feeling coil should be oblong shape as the picture. Two long borders are vertical with vehicle’s direction, the distance between two borders are commended as (0.8-1m). The length of long border is depend on roadway width, usually it’s narrow than the road way about 0.3m. When perimeter of the loop is more than 10m, the loop should roll 2-3 circles, perimeter is between 6-10m, the loop should roll 3-4 circles. Perimeter is around 6m, the loop should roll 4-5 circles. When the loop channel is finished, to lay the cable as tiled or overlapped, never twist them.


(3).Instructions for laying loop

To lay the loop, you need to cut the channel with cutting machine. Also cut four 40 degree reverse angle on the corner, which are used to avoid damage the cable. Normally speaking, the width of channel is 4mm, depth 30-50mm. Meanwhile, cut one channel to connect the loop.


When laying the loop, try to leave enough cable to connect to the car-detector, also make sure there’s no joint in the cable. After rolling the cable, connect the cable to car detector through the channel. At last, seal the loops with cement or pitch.


Ⅴ. Lay pipes and build safety island.

5.1 Lay pipes


Bury the PVC pipes on the underground of safety island. PVC pipes are very stable and easy to go through the strings. According to the diagram of design to lay the pipes. The steps are as below.

  1. Confirm all the pipes which need to burry the underground of safety island. According the position of device to confirm the start point of end pointof pipes. All the starting point and end point must bend to 90 degree and bundle, the end near to be 30CM up to the ground and sealed with special glue.
  2. 2. When lay the pipes under the safety island, reasonable to lay the direction of pipes. Make sure not lay the pipes on the hole when fasten device.


5.2  Build safety island. 

The safety island is the basement of parking system, Not only for working (the strength of barrier can reach several hundred kilograms), also can used to protect the device and labels. Meanwhile, it can make the appearance more professional and regular. So the safety island will affect the performance of parking system. The steps to build the safety island are as below.


  1. 1. Draw the picture and dimension of safety island.
  2. 2. If need to build safety island on the soft ground, need to dig into 50CM and fill with concrete, if build on the concrete and stores, need to build iron net with the intervalof 10cm, also the iron net should dip into the ground.
  3. Use the wooden panel to build a 15cm height frame.
  4. 4. Use the cement store, the format 1:1:1 to pour into the frame, after the pour, find the ground level. At least one week later, to wait for the safety island dry, use another kind of cement to polish the ground level.
  5. 5. Brush the yellow and black 30cm interval on the upside of safety island, when it dry, the safety island is finished.

Ⅵ. Lay cables. 

Cables are the basement of the electronic device, the connection, design and quality is directly affect the working of system and the life time. Especial the low power digital signal is with stricter requirement for the laying cables. Our company with the steps to lay cables as below.

  1. Choose the good quality cables. Before laying the cable, please test the on resistance and insulation resistance.
  2. Lay the appointed cables on the piles according to the diagram, usethe special plastic threader , can not use the iron stripe, which can avoidto broke the pipe.
  3. If need to connect with two joint, please use the heater and small plastic pipe to connect. For the cable of power supply, need to cover the extra electric glue.
  4. The laid well cables also need to test the on resistance and insulation resistance. If there’s any question need to change the cable. The test well cable need to mark the number and sequence.
  5. After laying all the cables, all the out point of cables need to bundle, cover the pipes and cables with the plastic ribbon, which can avoid the rain and water.


. Install the device

According to the diagram, put the device on the safety island. Remember to protect the cables when put the device.

  1. Confirm the position is correct according to the diagram, use the pen to mark the hole on the ground, mark the centre point, then move away the device.
  2. Use φ16electric hammer to drill the hole, the hole depth as 10cm, clean all the earth and stores, to make sure there’s no interruption.
  3. Use the international dimension φ14 setscrew to press into the hole, the fasten with the cover nut, the fasten screw need not to roll together with the cover nut, and the screw part need to less than 4cm.
  4.  Remove the cover nut and save it well, put the device to the installation position, the screw need all into the fasten hole.
  5. Put the diameter 20 plate to fasten the screw.
  6. After the device fasten, push the device to feel the movement.

 Ⅷ. Connection

According to the diagram to confirm all the usage of every cable (write into the number list), connect all the cables to the corresponding terminal.

  1. Multi cable need to mark into every cable the sequence, This is the rule will according to another end.
  2. Do not connect to the terminal directly with the cooper cable, this will be easy take off. Need to connect with metal connector, then connect to the terminal.
  3. After connection, clear all the cables and terminals, whichcan avoid the short circles and damage device.
  4. Bundle and clear the connection and cables, signal cables with the same, power supply the same, avoid the interruption.


Ⅸ. System test

System test according to the steps as below

9.1 Connection test

  1. AC220Vpower supply and connect to ground check: the sequence of high power cables. The contact resistance less than 0.1Oum
  2. Communication Connection check: CAN total cable anode end, 120 OUM resistance, with no branch.
  3. Other connection check: computer, printer and so on.

9.2  Electrify

  1. Computer management deviceelectrify, according to the devicemanual, device need to working, communication connected
  2. Exit device electrify: according to the manual of device, device need to working, communicationconnected.
  3. Exit device electrify: according to the manual of device, device need to working, communicationconnected.


9.3 Other parameter settings. 

  1. Software settings, communication port, operator, time, charge rule, numbers of slots
  2. Entrance and exit ID number
  3. The sensitivityof loop detector

. Appendix


10.1. Different types of cables


(1)The cable connect card readers and controller board, using 4*0.5mm2 cables

(2). The cable connect 12v/3A power supply and controller board, using 2*1.0mm2 cables.

(3).The cable connect 12v/3A power supply and AC220V, using 3*1.5mm2 cables

(4).The cable connect controller board and PC, using unshielded twisted pair, and the longest distance between them is less than 1000m. (For the RS485 communication) A,B cable must be a group of twisted pair.

(5). If there’s LED display on the entrance and exit, the cable for +12V and GND power supply using 2*1.0mm2 cable,  and RS485 communication using the Unshielded twisted pair.

(6). If there’s voice system on the entrance and exit, the cable for +12V and GND power supply using 2*1.0mm2 cable, RS485 communication using the Unshielded twisted pair.


Note: The cable for AC220V power supply and RS485 communication cable should not on the same channel, the distance between them is at least 30cm, which can avoid the disturb and unsteadiness.

10.2. Connection definition


Parking management system from Shenzhen Newabel Electronic company, if there’re cables need to elicit and connect, there will be corresponding definition on the control box.. On the left and right side of the control box, there’s connections definition on connection terminal.


  • Connection between the feeling coil and car detector

Usually we’ll built-in two feeling coil on one alleyway, one is on the near side of control box. The function is when the car push down the feeling coil, car detector will give the signal to card issuer machine, and then the driver can fetch card.

Car detector A point connect the feeling coil on the near side of control box, A1 connect to the right side of connection terminal COM, NO. The other feeling coil is built-in under the control barrier, which with the function of anti-smash cars. B point connects to the feeling coil which is under the barrier, and B1 connect to the control board of the barrier.


  • The connection definition in control box

On the left side of control box, there are several definition terminal points which connect to the terminal. AL, AN, FG. these three terminal points directly connect to the AC220V power supply. COM, N.O connect to the “up” button on the control barrier. This relay is the control board to transfer the “up” signal to the barrier. A+, B-, GND connect to the CHD485HVD, it’s the communication between computer and control board.


  • Connection between control box and computer

On the left side of control box, the terminal point A+, B-, GND connect to CHD485HVD converter,which is the communication between computer and the control board.

  • Connection between camera and computer

Install the SDK-2000 image catcher in computer, then connect the video interface with camera. The distance between camera and control box >2.5m

  • Connection between host interphone and it’s branch

The branch interphone is installed on control box, there’re two interfaces, one is connect to the enquiry button, the other connect to the host interphone on control booth.