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Advertising Barrier gate, also named as intelligent/electric vehicle road blocker, is a widely used machine in gate access control application.

Boom barrier gate is very important for an automatic car parking management system and other traffic project; this equipment widely uses for block the road, manage the access of the gate for all vehicles such as car, truck, bus even motorbike. Everyday, you can easy find barrier gate at everywhere, airport, highway, commercial building, shopping mall, factory, hospital, and so on.
In addition, all parking system integration and/or installation company can more easily understand the important value of barrier gate for parking lots project. So how to choose a good quality and high cost-effective barrier gate is an important lesson for their manager and engineers.

Our barrier gate is one of your option, we are professional hardware provider of parking management system and security access control system.

YF-PBA118 is our typical mode of barrier gate for parking system application. This mode with strong structure, the body made by 2mm cold-rolled plate heavy duty case with IP54 protection, surface with outdoor type good quality thermos-stability spray painting. The arm support straight, fold, and fence bar for suit different application, user can open/close arm by remote control, push key and manual handle. Here introduce more details as below:

1) Open/close time: 3 / 6 sec. (high speed optional)
2) Barrier gate life-span: >5,000,000 times
3) Suit application: indoor and outdoor parking system
4) Open/close method: by remote control, push key, manual handle
5) Max. 6m straight arm with rubber bar
Max. 4.5 m folding arm with rubber bar
Max. 4m fence arm with rubber bar
6) Inclusive of arm and “push button” which opens/closes barrier
7) Standard quotation include barrier gate body, straight bar, push key control panel, two remote controllers, exclusive of LED light bar, loop detector, boom bracket and anti-collision mechanism (wave pressure sensor, PIR sensor): need to buy separately.
8) Optional housing color: yellow/iron gray (default), red/iron gray, other color for optional
9) Optional boom arm direction: leftward or rightward (fixed after order)

Technical specifications:
Model: YF-PBA118
Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz (accept customization)
Motor’s power: 90W 220VAC
Max length of boom: 6m
Time for up/down: 3S( for 1~4m),6S( for 4~6m)
Environment temperature: -20oC~50oC
Protection class: IP44
Housing: 1.5mm or 2.0mm steel with painting
Spring: multi-spring balance
Remote control: 2 remote control tag with one receiver.
Net weight: 55kg
Ground weight: 75kg
Warranty: 1 year

1. This barrier gate is widely used for the facilities of parking lots, traffic or toll system, we don鈥檛 suggest for high way and other heavy duty application.
2. Arms can be chosen from 2 meters to 6 meters.
3. Manual handle can be used to open the arm in case power off.
4. All the process is soft without any noise and shaking.
5. This barrier gate has many input terminals for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, LED light bar, toll gate system and output terminals for lamp.

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