YF-PMS02 Barcode ticket parking system

YF-PMS02 Barcode ticket parking system

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聽Barcode ticket parking system


Drivers will take ticket from exit to enter into the parking lots. Controller uses ARM chips, full TCP / IP network technology, real-time embedded operating system design. Support to non-contact type ID card, IC card or ID card and IC card mix of parking management system. TCP / IP technology for users to install, use, maintenance,
upgrades, upgrading and expansion to bring the convenience and fast, has a very high cost.

System can be run offline; the network communication failure, all entrance and exit are still able to work without affecting users in and out.

Main Features

Embedded TCP / IP network design, easy access to LAN, saving wiring workload.
Two Wiegand Reader Interfaces, support Wiegand output reader format 26, 34, 44.
Two RS232 Reader Interfaces, support the M1-S50, S70 card reader interface.
Entrance/ exit control of flexible options, code switch by pulling the controller is set to import or export control.
RS485 display interface to access the poll box displays, parking spaces and two advertising display screen.
Card dispenser control interface (entrance) or card collector control interface (exit).
Digital voice synthesis output, on-board storage of voice, speech by the software updates site content.
Four relay output interface can control the automatic barrier to opening and closing, stop and lighting.
Support the IC card, ID card and IC card and ID card mix.
Support network to run the two-way operation and off-line operating mode.
Onboard card number stored number: 25000; offline record store out of the number of admission: 80 000.
Controller firmware can be updated via the web site.

System Introduction

1 Automatic Entry Terminal

1) Automatic Card Dispenser
2) Automatic Ticket Dispenser
3) Mothly Proximtiy Card Reader
4) RFID Card Reader
5) Automatic Plate Number Recognition System
6) talkback function

2 Automatic Exit Terminal

1) Card Collector
2) talkback system
3) Mothly Proximity Card Reader
4) RFID Card Reader
5) Barrier Open By Software
6) Automatic Plate Number Recognition System


A. Steady function, sensitive reaction, low noise
B. Surface is shaped by 13 process flow, and use import paint. Excellent rust-proof, waterproof ablity.
C. High sensitive limit switch, barrier boom can be instant turn on and off, accurate location.
D. Control system adopts hi-tech digital chip technology.
E. The anti-collision function, protecting the passenger
F. The inductive function ,with the digital vehicle detector
G. Three open speed, 1.5s, 2-4s and 6s. The barrier is provided with remote controllor, manual button, and digital vehicle detector

Please tell below information for working out a solution
1 How many extrance and exit for your parking lot?
2 Do you prefer RFID or ticket parking system?
3 Do you have visitors and long term parker separately?
4 Do you need charging for the parking, if yes, what is the charging standard?
5 Do you have special requirement for the system?