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Size: 508*300*1405mm

Mode: YF-PTC011

Machine core: Parking access controller proximity RFID card reader.

Internal voice control and interphone for help (option).

Build-in LED display prompt time, charge, alarm and other information.

Control panel: integrate with read card and LED inquiry buttons in one panel

Car parking management system terminal

Parking System Data Sheet:

Parking system housing material galvanized steel and tempered glass
Parking system card type IC,EM,CPU,barcode ticket
Parking system dispenser/collector optional
Parking system communication TCP/IP, RS485
Parking system card no. capacity 50000 pcs
Parking system read capacity
30000 pcs

Parking system database SQL server 2000
Parking system operating system windows 2000,2007,windows XP
Parking system working environments indoor,outdoor
Parking system relative humidity ≤95% coagulation free

Features and functions:

Parking System Work Flow (TCP/IP Communication)
For transient visitor: proximity IC card
For season parker: proximity IC card

Transient Visitor Working Process

1 How to Entry
The vehicle covers detector loop 1, visitor will press the push button on the front panel of entry
terminal. The card dispenser will spit card, information like date, entry time will be written into the
card. Meantime, the barrier gate will open automatically, the visitor enters the parking. After the
vehicle passes by the detector loop 2,barrier will close automatically.

2 How to Pay
Visitor goes to the central payment station, which is usually the lobby of the building. He gives the
card to the operator. Operator will put the card on the card reader for transaction, which will
Calculate how much the visitor needs to pay, and software will show the amount. After payment,
the operator will give back the card to the visitor.

3 How to Exit
Transient visitor drives to the exit terminal with card. He will insert the card into the card collector
installed in the exit terminal, which will detect the validity of the card. If it is valid, the barrier
gate will open automatically. If the card expires or is unpaid, voice prompt will remind the visitor to
go to central payment station for payment. After the vehicle passes by the detector loop 4, the
barrier will close automatically.


1. can it dispense barcode tickets or Mifare-1 card?

Yes, it can dispense tickets or cards.

2. what’s the capacity of the card dispenser?

About 350 pcs.

3. can you train us if we buy your parking management system?

Yes, we will provide free training to you. You send your engineers to us, we will train them in our factory.

4. do you have whole system, hardware and software?

Yes, we have the whole system.

5. can it use for outdoor?

Yes, it can.