YF-SBR102 Recyclable Rubber Speed Bump

YF-SBR102 Recyclable Rubber Speed Bump

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YF-SBR Recyclable Rubber Speed Bump

Recyclable Rubber Speed Hump/Rubber Road Bump/Speed Breaker

Rubber speed bump are widely use for parking system and other traffic system applications,we supply various kinds of rubber speed hump with good quality and low price,
it with special design, notable decelerate effect, no noise and uncomfortable feeling, the high intensity rubber,good anti-impact ability win our customer’s satisfaction.

Rubber Speed Bump
1. Model: YF-SBR102
2. Standard size: L1000mm x W380mm x H50mm (Main body)
3. Weight: 16 kg/pc
4. Material: rubber/rubber plastic
5. End Size: L190mm x W380mm x H50mm (semicircle)
6. End Weight: 2.0kg/pc
Completed set of speed bump with screws ,column and other accessories
Size,colorway and shape can provide special customization.
The rubber speed bump can reduce vehicle麓s speed when they access, but at the same time the driver have no feeling of being hit. In the daytime,
its warning color which is yellow and black is eye-catching. Besides, the bump is installed with a light reflection that can reflect the bright
light in the evening, which can attract drivers麓 attention and to enhance the security.